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How to speed up your website (and why that matters)

With user attention spans what they are, speed matters. Websites today are getting bigger, badder, and more beautiful, but they also need to move at the speed of light. If your site is weighed down by superfluous images, out of date plugins, or inconsistent structure, you’re probably suffering from poor speed performance. And you really don’t have time to optimize all your coding to perform at high speeds (but AtreNet does!). This poor performance to especially noticeable when users visit your mobile site. AtreNet has studied our more than 20 maintenance clients, and mobile users make up about 20% of all site visitors.

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Five ways your crappy website is costing you money.

Website suckage. It’s the bane of every company at one time or another. On the surface, it can be easy to spot the most egregious offenders. Hideous sites. Sites that are a nightmare to navigate. Ones that provide no obvious way to buy your offerings or find out more. But your site doesn’t have to be a total train wreck to sap your profits. Truth is, there are a number of common problems that are not always so easy to see. And they could be costing you big time everyday. Here are five to watch out for.

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The AtreNet web development quadrant

Technology companies are no strangers to Gartner magic quadrants. In this post, we take a page from Gartner with quadrants of our own. Use these quadrants to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your website. They’re a handy way of mapping your business goals to your website objectives. The results can be quite magical.

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