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Services: Creative Comparative Assessment

Comprehensive Survey

We have developed a list of common evaluation points – both qualitative and quantitative based on experience, industry norms and best practices. We'll review the list with you to select the site features and characteristics you feel are relevant to your business. Our strategists will conduct a thorough survey of your site to establish a benchmark.

Detailed Site Evaluations

Armed with a benchmark derived from your site, we'll survey the targets you have identified. Whether they are friend or foe, we'll impartially compare each site with the benchmark. In addition to point-by-point data collection, we'll note anything unique to the target sites that might be cause for action.

Ratings and Commentary

We develop summary reports to enable you to quickly identify obvious areas for improvement, and detailed reports to support deeper research. Our goal is to present a combination of facts and opinions backed up by specific references and examples. Following the "80-20" rule, we focus on findings that have the greatest deviations from the benchmark, rather than minutiae. We present our finding with commentary justifying qualitative ratings, and we're happy to explain where and how each data point was obtained.

Actionable Results

When the work is complete and the results have been reviewed, we'll help you develop a list of action items. We'll share ideas for solutions we have previously developed to address any pain points, along with recommendations for preserving and maintaining your leader position when your site is "ahead of the pack." We strive to identify strategies that will generate wide-spread benefits, rather than addressing each problem individually. You'll find our recommendations to be specific and actionable, a valuable contribution to your site's success.

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