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Spotlight Project Canto
Rapid Relaunch

AtreNet delivered a bright, clean design that yanked Canto into the present--reinforcing the company's status as Category King.

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  • ElectricCloud Thumbnail


    Responsive? Check. Innovative? Check. Engaging, knock-your-socks-off homepage? Double check. Electric cloud left their stale, boring, old-school site in the dark and turned up the voltage on a brilliant new design, with engaging features designed to drive down bounce rates and channel visitors deeper into the site. Built on a CMS for easy maintenance, the site tells its story through distinctive, layered designs that offer a call to action on every page.

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  • EdgeWave Thumbnail


    Edgewave is a world-leader in email and web security solutions, and their site had fallen seriously behind the curve in terms of user experience - jeopardizing their credibility and alienating their prospects. Further, they needed to clarify and define their point of view directly from the home page, given the highly competitive space. In less than 12 weeks from start to finish, AtreNet rebuilt the site from the ground up – including a clever home page messaging strategy, rich and engaging designs, effective lead-generation mechanisms, and an easy-to-use and scalable infrastructure. The new site is spurring enthusiasm for new initiatives, and elevates Edgewave above their competitors.

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  • Pramata Thumbnail


    This was more than just a website launch for Pramata – this was a defining moment in their rapidly accelerating trajectory, in terms of messaging strategy, brand definition, and a centralized pivot-point for their marketing efforts. AtreNet went in depth to help Pramata clarify their go-to-market strategy, developed a robust messaging framework and all site content, and then built an entirely new site rich with graphics, illustrations, customer materials and resources to create a dynamic and exciting user experience. AtreNet leveraged their vast experience in the technology space to ensure a laser focus on the critical priorities of the project, and to make the most of Pramata’s available customer validation pieces and resources. The result is dazzling!

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  • Evolv Thumbnail


    Evolv needed to have a website that matched their industry-leading work in the field of people analytics, and their old site fell far short of the mark. AtreNet produced an engaging site that provides clear pathways to lead generation and thought leadership, crafting dynamic pages with killer custom graphics and focused navigation.

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  • Coverity Thumbnail


    Coverity's messaging must effectively reach two disparate and distinct audiences–executive decision makers and down-in-the-trenches developers–neither of whom were being served by their existing home page or key entry points. AtreNet developed a home page strategy with a strong narrative flow, which succinctly stated Coverity's value proposition, supported targeted messaging and destinations for their key audiences, and quickly highlighted solid proof points for validation. AtreNet also created graphically rich and eye-catching landing pages for these audiences, ensuring solid engagement and strong lead generation, all in a cleverly branded package. Internal stakeholder and visitor feedback to the update was a resounding "YESSS!!"

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  • Actian Thumbnail


    Actian merged four companies within three months, and its site became a hodgepodge of identity and content. Its sales department regularly told prospects: “Whatever you do, don’t visit the site!” When the Sales Kickoff and an Investor Roadshow necessitated a quick, firm relaunch deadline, AtreNet delivered.

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  • Canto Thumbnail


    Canto invented the Digital Asset Management space 15 years ago and enjoys an 80% market share. To Canto's disadvantage, the site looked like it was still stuck in a 1990’s aesthetic.

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  • Cyphort Thumbnail


    Ready to plunge into the security industry with a splash, Cyphort needed a top-notch site to demonstrate credibility, security, and reliability. AtreNet developed a site strategy that enforces these qualities while communicating Cyphort's solutions. Stunning homepage graphics and community-based social integration showcase Cyphort's unique take on computer security.

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  • Vidyo Thumbnail


    Hog-tied by its CMS infrastructure, Vidyo’s corporate site did not mirror the robustness of its product. AtreNet leveraged bleeding edge tools and customization within WordPress to enable centralized management of many localized sites. Vidyo is thrilled with their new site and systems; our new design makes Vidyo look like the player it is--the leading video collaboration solution in the enterprise space.

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  • Clustrix Thumbnail


    Clustrix needed a new site to coincide with two major announcements: its GA release of a new product and its business switch from appliance to cloud offering.

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  • DataStax Thumbnail


    As the commercial evolution outcome of the open source Project Cassandra, DataStax needed a new site to coincide with its product launch. The site would be the foundation for a new brand, moving DataStax.com away from “speeds and feeds” and towards “technology empowering life." AtreNet designed with a gastro-pub theme, choosing messages and imagery to support C-level buyers without alienating DataStax's open-source/developer roots.

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  • IronKey Thumbnail


    With the launch of an independent website, IronKey established a unique brand and broke free from its parent company.

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  • Perforce Thumbnail


    Perforce is privately held, profitable since Day 1. GitHub was nipping at their heels or kicking their ass (depending on how you look at it), and Perforce needed a big boost to keep internal morale high while showcasing its domination in the enterprise space. A new setting would accurately reflect a symbiotic rather than adversarial relationship with GitHub.

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  • Reset Therapeutics Thumbnail

    Reset Therapeutics

    Reset Therapeutics has a promising new therapy with potentially game-changing possibilities in the treatment of diabetes and narcolepsy. Timing is everything, and Reset needed to catch the eye of potential investors and big pharmaceutical companies at an early stage. AtreNet developed a stunning new site that establishes both credibility and innovation while quickly and effectively conveying Reset's innovative approach, potential applications, and the progress of their current programs.

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  • Accept Software Thumbnail

    Accept Software

    Company acquired at higher valuation thanks in part to site relaunch. Major product release with bold web redesign as foundation for rejuventated company character and brand. New positioning and information design for content at all levels of the site. Simplifed, high impact visuals. Focus on product capabilities and differentiation, "Why Accept?"

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  • Couchbase Thumbnail


    Team AtreNet quickly gets it with regards to enterprise products and audience. Impeccable deliverables under compressed timelines for a demanding and quality-obsessed client.

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  • Coverity Thumbnail


    As ye sew, so shall ye reap. Company in high growth mode. AtreNet empowered by client to take lead vendor role, ensuring cast of 3rd party vendors are all in step. AtreNet design, user experience, and technology married to client priorities and objectives to deliver killer web experience.

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  • GetSatisfaction Thumbnail


    Rapid turnarounds for a client moving quickly and often. Close work with team during transitions to ensure continuity with minimal impact on timeline and budget. Content and UI challenges met with AtreNet's depth of knowledge, technical expertise, and well-founded web strategy recommendations.

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  • Impermium Thumbnail


    Credibility is currency for security company coming out of stealth mode. New site directly results in bigger deal size. Customers, press, investors "get" how Impermium is changing the world - protecting the socialsphere from the bad guys.

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  • Microfabrica Thumbnail


    High-end fabricator of micro components gets brand uplift with quality new site to match the quality of their technology. AtreNet is creative, flexible, collaborative throughout. "Evaluate your Project" self-qualification UI does masterful job of finding customers with projects that are a great fit for Microfabrica.

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  • YouSendIt Thumbnail


    B2C household name catapults into B2B/enterprise growth prospects with the power of AtreNet designs. AtreNet's careful attention to requirements from multiple business units, results in nuanced strategy and design, targeting multi-tier audiences.

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  • Drobo Thumbnail


    Carried a theme throughout – simple yet robust, created a lustrous-looking site, with rich and varied assets while retaining clean, intuitive user interfaces and a streamlined architecture.

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  • SAP Thumbnail


    Synthesized a look-and-feel to bring the site to life, and to expand the value and functionality through proven marketing strategies, deep technical knowledge, and flexible production resources.

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  • FireEye Thumbnail


    Replaced a dated, restrictive design with a relaxed, uncluttered template that showcased key content, videos and product information in a simplified context.

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  • Precise Thumbnail


    Developed lead flow strategies to integrate AdWords, Precise.com, Marketo and Salesforce, and validated funnel functionality via Google Analytics.

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  • SnapLogic Thumbnail


    Devised an engaging user experience that quickly conveys the unique value and application of SnapLogic's offerings.

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  • Array Networks Thumbnail

    Array Networks

    Created a contemporary design aesthetic and strong infographics to tell the product story pictorially, and clear pathways enabling users to select and navigate to diverse products.

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  • Kapow Thumbnail


    Streamlined architecture, and re-branded the site with new logo, colors and compelling designs while developing highly usable interfaces to cross-referenced Solutions and Partners content.

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  • Fortify Thumbnail


    Conducted stakeholder interviews, synthesized requirements leading to a fresh design, optimized content presentation, and role-based homepage; migrated the site to a CMS.

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  • Tintri Thumbnail


    Designed a site that was appealing, simple and easy to navigate while optimizing the foundation for organic SEO; grew their presence from stealth to contender.

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  • Seagate Thumbnail


    Multi-phase project that addressed Seagate's critical website objectives – leveraging AtreNet's strengths in technical development, extending the user experience to both B2B and B2C.

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  • Serious Energy Thumbnail

    Serious Energy

    Assessed Serious' conservative, yet competitive markets, and delivered a modern, highly usable design employing modular components within a cohesive overall template.

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  • Stampt Thumbnail


    Delivered a website that was seamless, appealed to consumers across multiple channels, and presented a solid front for an emerging company.

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  • Zenprise Thumbnail


    Created innovative web designs, developed rock-solid HTML templates, and delivered compelling calls-to-action that entice users to interact with the site on a deeper level.

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  • SolFocus Thumbnail


    Validated SolFocus products via real-world deployment scenarios, targeted key audiences through extensive use of video and photography, and recast the site to a modern user-centric web design.

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  • Citrix Systems Thumbnail

    Citrix Systems

    Quickly designed a video sharing site for 25,000+ partners, impressed the company with a fresh design and ease-to-manage dynamic interface.

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  • Tealeaf Thumbnail


    Effectively connected the dots between business solutions, industries and products by reinforcing Tealeaf's benefits-focused messaging and engaged their customers on a more intimate level.

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  • RedSeal Networks Thumbnail

    RedSeal Networks

    Completely relaunched the corporate site, designed marketecture infographics, and developed complementary collateral that supported their new look-and-feel.

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  • Varonis Thumbnail


    Revolutionized their online image by developing solutions to address multiple pain points: bold homepage design, sophisticated content exploration UIs, and a localized version of the site template.

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  • Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Thumbnail

    Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold

    Worked on a limited update to the homepage to incorporate strategies for enhanced ease-of-use that resulted in a dramatic uptick in trial downloads, Ipswitch's primary source of qualified leads.

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  • Neo Technology Thumbnail

    Neo Technology

    Reinvented the Neo corporate site, updated architecture, design and imagery, targeted Neo's two site objectives – presenting product details and routing developers to the community site.

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  • Omneon Thumbnail


    Completely re-engineered Omneon's Channel Partner and Customer Extranets to provide a scalable and robust infrastructure.

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  • Taleo Corporation Thumbnail

    Taleo Corporation

    Developed a database-driven, personalized experience for visitors including an asset administration interface, streamlined site architecture, and chronicled customer trends.

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  • AtreNet Thumbnail


    Complete site refresh that leveraged HTML5, incorporated extensive multimedia, enhanced interactivity via user-controlled content aggregation features, and engineered simple, intuitive navigation.

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  • Symphoniq Thumbnail


    Expansively updated Symphoniq.com with optimized information architecture and a distinctive user-focused design.

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  • Bay Alarm Medical Thumbnail

    Bay Alarm Medical

    Created a modern, updated website by introducing a new online order capability, clean navigation structure, and beautiful front-end design.

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  • Avid Technology Thumbnail

    Avid Technology

    Developed a modular, extensible design with inherent media presentation flexibility and forward thinking strategies for content growth.

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  • Workday Thumbnail


    Created a site design that offers navigational ease-of-use, integrated and showcased the latest in web communications tools – blogs, video content, discussion groups, and interactive product demos.

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  • Pinnacle Systems Thumbnail

    Pinnacle Systems

    Designed for a wide-range of visitors, conceptualized web-based product selector interfaces, and established customized validation testing to ensure project quality.

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  • VMware Thumbnail


    Delivered a complete strategic roadmap for the site, developed modern, flexible new designs, and served as a partner through production and launch of VMware.com.

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  • IronKey Thumbnail


    Developed a contemporary, savvy corporate site that complemented the IronKey product and created a user interface for IronKey's internal web portal.

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  • Aria Systems Thumbnail

    Aria Systems

    Created a sharp information architecture framework, implemented a sleek new design, and built the site using code libraries and a lightweight CMS solution for easily managing frequently updated content.

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