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Coverity Rapid Relaunch TM

Coverity’s messaging must effectively reach two disparate and distinct audiences–executive decision makers and down-in-the-trenches developers–neither of whom were being served by their existing home page or key entry points. AtreNet developed a home page strategy with a strong narrative flow, which succinctly stated Coverity’s value proposition, supported targeted messaging and destinations for their key audiences, and quickly highlighted solid proof points for validation. AtreNet also created graphically rich and eye-catching landing pages for these audiences, ensuring solid engagement and strong lead generation, all in a cleverly branded package. Internal stakeholder and visitor feedback to the update was a resounding “YESSS!!”
“From design strategy and user experience to project management… AtreNet never failed to deliver. Our most recent corporate web site refresh was just awesome. Clean, simple and compelling. AtreNet should be part of every CMO’s digital marketing arsenal.”
Jennifer Johnson
CMO at Coverity

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