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Clarizen EPIC Relaunch

Clarizen is a collaborative work management solution designed for people who value their time and for organizations that value cross-company engagement. When we engaged with them, the Americas’ team was taking control over the marketing site and had engaged with a messaging firm to reconsider their positioning and messaging across the entire company, including the website.

Clarizen came to us looking to separate themselves from their competitors – their product was rated highly in the Magic Quadrant, but their digital marketing wasn’t supporting that position.

The Clarizen site lacked differentiation – with no solutions and a very product-centric POV. Unfortunately, they also lacked the infrastructure to be as agile as they needed to be – their CMS was out-of-date and kept them from making the changes they needed on the site. They were stuck with underperforming CTAs, walls of text and an outdated, boring design.

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AtreNet relaunced the Clarizen site and delivered a contemporary, engaging design on the agile EPIC Builder (WordPress) platform. We took a solutions-focus – enabling Clarizen to explain their differentiators and leapfrog their competitors. With the new site, Clarizen is able to drive traffic towards powerful calls-to-action – surfacing value-added content that leads directly to lead generation conversions.

To accommodate the client and their messaging partner, and in deference to the timeline, AtreNet worked on the design of lower level pages first and then dovetailed the final messaging with the top level page designs. The process gymnastics were very much appreciated by the key stakeholders as were the project management efforts required to corral multiple teams across multiple locations.

Best of all, the EPIC Platform, with its robust component library and intuitive drag & drop editing inferface,  allows the marketing team to easily update their own pages, making them agile and effective with control of content in their own hands.

Clarizen Homepage: Before
Clarizen Homepage: After
Clarizen homepage thumbnail
Clarizen homepage before relaunch
Clarizen homepage after relaunch
Clarizen Team Page: Before
Clarizen Team Page: After
Clarizen homepage thumbnail
Clarizen teams page before relaunch
Clarizen teams page after relaunch
Clarizen Company Page: Before
Clarizen Company Page: After
Clarizen company page thumbnail
Clarizen company page before relaunch
Clarizen company page after relaunch
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"The site is amazing, you guys did a fabulous job. It really looks good. I am very happy with it, extremely! It's excellent. It's better, I think, than a lot of the sites we used as our "let's do something like this..." - it’s much better. It's really good, it's really good work."

Anne Catambay, VP Global Marketing

A Smarter Apps Marketplace

With the Smarter Apps Marketplace, we created a central hub for expanding and extending the Clarizen platform. The flexible design and template enables Clarizen to highlight featured apps and the robust filter and search controls make it powerful, intuitive, and engaging.

Thought-Leadership Destination

Clarizen is a thought and industry leader and their new blog reinforces that leadership.

We created prominent category filter and subscription pathways for the relaunch that make for a profoundly sticky experience.

We also made sure to avoid the blah blog trap and made the Clarizen blog bold and beautiful — just like the rest of the site.

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