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Harmonic EPIC Relaunch

Harmonic is the worldwide leader in video delivery infrastructure, and provides a robust set of offerings including hundreds of products, support, professional services and multi-tiered education programs.

Their suite of global sites was built on a failing infrastructure which was hindering maintenance, providing a suboptimal user experience, and was vulnerable to security and performance failures. Additionally, they were faced with an imminent large-scale acquisition that necessitated the synthesis of a multiple complex content architectures.

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AtreNet performed a careful analysis of project requirements and specifications, and architected a customized WordPress infrastructure to support US/Global sites and ancillary properties within a unified, easy-to- maintain and fully featured content management system, including customized content types and relationships for their many hundreds of products and resources, an eLearning suite, and Pardot integration. Additionally, AtreNet provided significant user experience uplift with an entirely new set of designs, built on a highly performant and mobile-friendly framework.

Harmonic Homepage: Before
Harmonic Homepage: After home page thumbnail
old home page home page
Harmonic Solution Page: Before
Harmonic Solution Page: After solution page thumbnail
old solution page solution page
Harmonic About Page: Before
Harmonic About Page: After about page thumbnail
old about us page about us page
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"I think the way that AtreNet architected the site and put together the administration portion of the WordPress site. In the long term for us it provides savings because we ultimately can, and have, reduced our monthly costs for website maintenance because we have a lot more flexibility and the ability to do all of that in-house. "

Dan Fisher, Director of Digital Marketing

Simpler, faster access to product information

A custom product post type supports sophisticated and flexible page layouts, multiple tiers of related resources, and consistency of user experience, easily managed with intuitive tagging and selection devices. Taxonomies and navigation devices dynamically generated for ease of administration.

A resource library that encourages exploration and engagement

Featured content always rises to the top for strong visibility.

An admin backend uses content metadata to populate the resource library and deliver context-appropriate assets throughout the site.

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