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Magento EPIC Relaunch

One of the most widely used website E-Commerce content management systems in the world, Magento came to AtreNet hoping to increase lead generation and conversions as quickly as possible.

The challenge for the Magento team was two-fold: the site had grown through “sprawl” over multiple years and yet, they had a lot of content that they wanted to keep. These issues, coupled with a fraying infrastructure were hindering maintenance, providing a suboptimal user experience, and leaving the site vulnerable to security and performance failures.

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AtreNet delivered a high-value design with enticing offers that drives quicker conversions. We also designed a tighter integration of product and solution architectures that more closely connected users to demand generation activities.

To support the contemporary, lively design, AtreNet created clear navigation channels that tied together existing post-sales content and e-commerce content, focusing on solutions content and developing stronger, more visible CTAs that led directly to increased conversions across their highest value solutions like Fashion.

Magento Homepage: Before
Magento Homepage: After
Magento home page thumbnail
Magento home page before relaunch
Magento home page after relaunch
Magento Company Page: Before
Magento Company Page: After
Magento company page thumbnail company page before relaunch
Magento company page after relaunch
Magento Enterprise Page: Before
Magento Enterprise Page: After
Magento product page thumbnail product page before relaunch
Magento product page after relaunch
Magento logo

"AtreNet is a trusted partner. I've brought them into 5 or 6 of my companies through the years for their B2B web strategy, excellent design, and execution."

Frank Mara, Chief Marketing Officer

Magento for Fashion

The refined clean layout enables users to clearly identify their ecommerce needs and select a targeted resource. The design delivers several clearly defined high value messages with enticing offers that will drive users to product focused demand generation activities. The utilization of brand colors and subtle brand identity elements throughout the design reinforce the Magento brand experience to the user. The implementation of featured case studies enable users to explore real world feedback from relatable name brands.

The Magento Advantage

The page design emphasizes Magento’s industry leading reputation by highlighting their core capabilities through strong, focused content. The innovative page flow draws users down through each call-to-action by establishing clarity around each experience while avoiding distractions. The balance of user-relatable images coupled with client-centric text enables users to quickly navigate the page while absorbing the overall Magento brand messaging.

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