Matrixx EPIC Relaunch

Headed by telco veterans and industry pioneers, MATRIXX Software specializes in innovative digital commerce solutions that allow for always-on customer engagement. AtreNet has served as MATRIXX’s go-to web agency since 2012. Looking to extend their global reach, MATRIXX came to AtreNet in the hopes of making a big splash with the unveiling of a new visual brand and messaging platform.

The MATRIXX team faced a unique challenge: convey innovation and a unique “do-or-die” approach, without eschewing the credibility or stability their brand is known for. They needed a new, cohesive look and feel that supported this approach – that appeared both fresh and familiar, and focused on the success stories of their customers.

AtreNet utilized bold, evocative design to set MATRIXX apart while maintaining brand vision. The rich imagery, layout, and animations used throughout lend themselves to a distinct, hand-crafted quality, while the visibility of client stories and a focus on the end-user evokes a positive customer experience. The new design epitomizes MATRIXX’s global reach, with telcom industry leaders at the helm.

Home: Before
Home: After
Matrixx homepage thumbnail
Matrixx site before relaunch
Matrixx homepage after relaunch
Digital Experience: Before
Digital Experience: After
Matrixx experience thumbnail
Matrixx site before relaunch
Matrixx experience after relaunch
Company: Before
Company: After
Matrixx company thumbnail
Matrixx site before relaunch
Matrixx company page after relaunch
Logo Matrixx Software

"In the marketing world a lot of times it's hard to find companies to partner with that bring both the very strong creative aspect and a strong technical and project management aspect to the table. And so a lot of times creative projects can go way off track or you are working with somebody that has strong Project Management skills but they don't bring the creative side. And AtreNet manages to marry those two things together in a way that gives us a lot of creative input."

Jennifer Kyriakakis Founder, VP Marketing

The MATRIXX Platform

The MATRIXX solution enables customer engagement from sign-up through continued loyalty, so the Platform page delivers a clear representation of the essential steps of that process. The animated screenshots and on-scroll experiences create a strong, cohesive narrative, while also presenting the flexibility of deployment options in the MATRIXX digital commerce solution.

MATRIXX Customers

MATRIXX has a long history of delivering innovative digital commerce solutions, and needed clear examples of just that. Leveraging animated screenshots and a slick on-scroll effect, the Customers page clearly outlines many of their success outcomes for leading telcoms.

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