Tigera EPIC Relaunch

Pioneers in their field, Tigera delivers cloud-native networking solutions for the Kubernetes platform. This new enterprise, founded by the creators of the revolutionary Project Calico, needed to make a big splash, and distinguish themselves in an emerging market with a web presence that appealed to both developers and executive level shot-callers.

The challenges facing the Tigera team included establishing a creative new brand while also leveraging their previous achievements and the Project Calico community. Tigera needed to set themselves apart from not only Project Calico, but from other players in the market space.

Tigera turned to AtreNet to make their fresh, bold vision a tangible reality. AtreNet worked closely with Tigera’s team to develop an eye-catching new design that illustrates their journey – from pioneers in the cloud-native movement to unparalleled experts in the Kubernetes system.

The new Tigera website sports a concise yet enthralling information flow, leading visitors naturally from education to engagement. The beautiful, nautical-themed design establishes a visual resonance with the Kubernetes platform, with multiple moving parts and visual transitions working together to create a look and feel that is rich, compelling, and surprising.

It is a design that is wholly unique, and yet familiar enough to be easily navigable.

Tigera Homepage: Before
Tigera Homepage: After
Tigera homepage thumbnail
Tigera homepage after relaunch
Tigera About: Before
Tigera About: After
Tigera about page thumbnail
Tigera about page after relaunch
Tigera Solutions: Before
Tigera Solutions: After
Tigera essentials page thumbnail
Tigera solutions after relaunch

Tigera.io: A Unique Experience

The Tigera homepage is handcrafted to convey Tigera’s powerful brand attributes and engage the user in a purposeful narrative. Beautiful imagery and animations draw the user on a compelling journey through Tigera’s story and values.

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