Bring on the next 20 Years

It was May 1996. We drove 3000+ miles in under three days from NYC to Silicon Valley to make the meeting with Geoff Galat and his CMO Jayaram Bhat at Mercury Interactive. We worked with Mercury for 11 years all the way through the 5B acquisition by HP, and we’ve served thousands of corporate marketers just like them* ever since.

* Actually, wait, no one is like those guys!


Our POV took shape through the early exchanges and has evolved ever since.


Markets go up and markets go down, but enterprise software powers the world, and more so every year.

Software categories are dynamic. Own your category, or risk being owned.

The average tenure of an enterprise software CMO is 18 months. Invest early, and keep going.


Test drive all things marketing using your corporate site as the benchmark, including positioning, the evolution of your brand, and literally anything you want to measure.

Measure up and beyond with quantitative and qualitative analysis. We developed the EPIC Score because we know how important it is to be able to measure your business based on the quality of the brand.

Corporate websites are the one place every prospect, customer, investor, partner, or employee goes to learn about your business. Make your corporate website as good as or better than your company’s best spokesperson.


We’re in Santa Cruz

It’s ground zero for Pleasure Point surfing.

We do bootcamps in Los Gatos

It’s at the company residence. Think Silicon Valley (the HBO series). New hires live at the house for 4-6 week sessions, which are intense but ever-so-helpful to forge the ties that bind.

We do offsites in Santa Cruz

It’s where we started, and where some of the best ideas are born. Join us in ideation at our Pleasure Point retreat center, with easy access to Stoke to enhance the value of the work.

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