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Our corporate websites drive your profits. Our profits drive our social contributions.

Our Story

In May 1996, our founder Tushar Atre drove from New York City to Silicon Valley to make a meeting with Mercury Interactive. Since then, we’ve worked with thousands of corporate marketers, delivering hundreds of successful and influential projects. We’ve set the benchmark for web design, optimization, and user experience.

From the beginning, our dedicated team of creatives, developers, engineers, and marketers has been remote, distributed across the U.S. and elsewhere. From our home office in Santa Cruz, we go where the talent is, leveraging a large and agile employee pool to scale as needed for each project.

Our Founder

In late 2019, we were saddened and shocked by the untimely passing of our friend, founder, and CEO, Tushar Atre.

Tushar was clever, creative, and hardworking in every area of his life, both professionally and personally. He was an avid surfer, mountain biker, guitarist, and craftsman. Tushar appreciated art and expression, supporting local artists and integrating their work into his style. He loved his family and friends, and found joy and passion in every facet of life.

Tushar pushed others to think and act differently – to do better, and to always strive for more. His focus never wavered from AtreNet’s touchstone: delivering more impact and success for our valued customers.


We help B2B and technology companies define, defend, and establish their categories.

We establish long-lasting relationships with our clients, forging bonds measured in years.

We create handcrafted, bespoke designs for each client, capturing their unique brand and company culture in category-defining ways.

We strive to serve only ethical companies, vetting potential customers to ensure similar values.

Our profits help drive our work with youth in marginalized communities through our Drop In Coalition, teaching kids the value of STEM, problem-solving, and focus through healthy and productive pastimes like gardening and surfing.


The Drop In Coalition, founded in honor of Tushar by his family and friends, empowers marginalized and disadvantaged youth. Through math, science, gardening, crafting, and surfing, this non-profit exposes young people to STEAM activities and illustrates how mindful activities help spur healing, creativity, and focus.

A portion of AtreNet’s earnings funded the creation of the Drop In Coalition, and AtreNet continues to earmark funds to support, build, and expand the Coalition’s programs.



We’re always on the lookout for talented project managers, web developers, and designers.

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